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What is faccsys?

The meaning of FACCSYS is Family of Accounting & Accounting Information System.
This idea came from one of DAIS Part 5 student. Her name is Nur Fatihah Abd Halim. She got the idea after she woke up from her dream. She said, she had a dream about a kangaroo and a giraffe’s family. The giraffe had a big family but the kangaroo had lost from its family. The giraffe’s family met the lonely kangaroo and treats the kangaroo like their own family member. Even the kangaroo is different from the giraffe; they can still accept each other even they are from different species. From that story, she got the idea to put family as part of this club’s name.

The word ‘family’ in this club’s name illustrates that DIA and DAIS stand together in a one group as a family. The combination of Accounting & Accounting Information System gives her the idea of making ‘ACCSYS’ word. Meanwhile, the colour of this logo represents the colours of UiTM which are purple, orange and white.